The Ashley Laney Story

Police Interrogation: A New Wife, an Old Girl Friend, and a Mysterious Murder / Dangerous Liaisons–CBS News / 48 Hours Mystery

Ashley Laney, age nineteen, had completed high school, and like most girls her age was searching for that special someone to share her life with. She came from a broken home and was eager to absorb any kind of affection that was directed toward her. Being as she was, made her an easy target for the Tama Bay, Florida gym trainer, Tracy Humphrey.  Laney and best friend Charli Williams worked at a frozen yogurt shop across from the gym where Humphrey worked in 2002. The yogurt shop is where the two met for the first time.  In just a short time frame Tracy had won Ashley over and the two moved in together. However, life was not what Ashley had expected. Tracy began to show his aggressive side. He didn’t want her going anywhere without him and tried to keep her from her fiends, according to Charli Williams. Ashley soon quit her job and went to work with Tracy at the gym. The couple would argue repeatedly but the outcome was always the same, Ashley begging Tracy to stay with her. Just when he knew that she was totally devoted to him, he told her about his ex-girl friend. Tracy’s ex-girl friend Sandee Rozzo had placed charges against him for rape. Tracy told Ashley that he was possibly looking a time, even though it was false allegations. Over the next few weeks they continued to argue. Then just as Tracy had planned, Ashley agreed to kill Rozzo for him. They quickly got married, because in Florida a spouse can not be made testify against the other. Ashley borrowed a hand gun from David Abernathy( her mother’s boy friend) and went to the home of Sandee Rozzo. Ashley Laney, then, shot Sandee Rozzo  8 times.  She then called Tracy and stated “it’s done”.  According to Detective Scott Golozewski, Tracy was the prime suspect but had an aliby,but Ashley seemed suspicious. After gathering the evidence, authorities arrested Ashley Laney. However, after spending a few week in jail, Ashley agreed to tell the detectives what they already knew, Tracy was behind it all. On the contrary, when asked if it was all Tracy’s fault?, Ashley told them he came up with the plan but she did indeed commit the act. Ashley Laney plea bargained with officials in exchange for her testimony. She received twenty-five years and will be forty-six years old when she is released. But Tracy Humphrey recieved the maximum. He got life with no chance of parole. Justice served.



About beckythreet

I am Married, have 4 children, 4 grandchildren and 1 on the way. I am currently in college studying Criminal Justice. I hope to obtain a career in the fight against drug abuse or corrections.

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